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One night during a protracted family dinner conversation, my wife realized that the kids had no idea what I did for a living. So, I began, as transparently as possible, to detail my clients and what I did for them–but it didn’t answer the central question. I had to distill what I do into something that all four of our kids–ages 18,16, 12 and 9–could easily understand and trust. Long and short of it was, I asked for some time to think about it. This is what I came up with–I Connect the Dots.

Based on the needs, wants and desires of my clients and audiences, I create ideas and solutions to strategically accelerate their preferred outcomes.

If you think about all the data that a person, family, company or organization may have, it’s a lot of information. All these data points are, in my view, like dots on a page. Whether there are ten, one hundred, or a million dots, the sum can be quite confusing and, without connection, opportunities are easily lost.

Given my unique background and personal strengths, I can filter through the clutter and Connect the Dots to create success.

Having grown up in a family business, I saw all phases of our operation with an incredible amount of variation because of the individuals involved. This shows how people see themselves in the context of the operation without losing sight of their company’s goals.

From there, I grew in leadership in our industry’s international trade association and eventually became its elected Chairman of the Board. That experience showed me how small, medium, and large-sized companies all have to work together in order to achieve mutual goals.

During that period of personal and business-oriented growth, I was elected to the Virginia House of Delegates and witnessed how the individual interests of eight million people manifest into public policy goals, legislation, and regulation.

This experience trained me to see what was possible long before others and it also trained me to find paths to success by constantly Connecting the Dots of ever-changing data.

I help people and organizations see what they could and should see, do what they could do and should do, and be what they could be and should be. This value creation is my personal and professional strength.

It is also my purpose.

More About Political Coach and Speaker Chris Saxman

Chris Saxman is a businessman and retired politician. He helped lead his family business, Shenandoah Spring Water, through exceptional organic growth into a period of proactive acquisitions. In 2001, he ran for and won a seat in Virginia’s House of Delegates retiring in 2010. Co-chair of the McCain Virginia campaign, co-chair of Governor Bob McDonnell’s K-12 Transition, and chairman of Virginia’s Cost Cutting Caucus, Chris’ unique blend of business and political savvy has made him a key strategic consultant for numerous campaigns and candidates at the state, local and national level. He is an engaging and humorous speaker for a diverse group of businesses, organizations, and institutions.

Chris lives in Staunton, Virginia with his wife, Michele, and their four children, ages 18 to 10. After earning his B.A in History from Washington and Lee University in 1987, Chris worked in business and education in New York City, suburban Washington DC and Philadelphia before returning to Staunton. Chris is a member of St Francis of Assisi Catholic Church and enjoys coaching, cooking and consulting.

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