April 15, 2016 Tax Day and RNC Convention

Recently the Republican National Committee Chairman, Reince Priebus, announced several changes that would be forthcoming in an effort to help the GOP win in 2016.

Among those were the strong consideration being given to moving the convention date to earlier in the year.

That is a very good idea indeed; however, the earliest dates that apparently are being considered are in June.

Why not choose April 15, 2016? It’s a Friday and that whole week will be nothing but stories of people having to pay their taxes on time.

Not that we expect anything on time FROM the federal government, but having the RNC Convention on Tax Day, I think, would be more than a symbolic act.

If done correctly, the GOP could make a lasting impression that it cares about the high level of taxation and spending in this country.

From that day forward, the GOP could be recruiting motivated volunteers, raising money, and building an integrated, organized team.

There is never enough time in campaigns especially when campaigns start too late.

April 15, 2016 would be a great date to start the general campaign for the next President.

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Chris Saxman

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