Baseball in the Snow

Sunday afternoon, John’s U10 baseball team won their six team tournament with a convincing 14-5 victory.

John hit the ball well with a line out to left field his first time up which was followed by a double over the head of the center fielder.

It’s awesome to watch kids play baseball, but I have never been wild about games on Sundays.

I was even less enthused about watching two games back to back in thirty degree weather.

I was extremely less enthused when it began to snow at the beginning of the championship game. Really? Baseball in the snow?

Football is different. Football in the snow is fun. So is rugby. So is a nap by the fire.

But baseball? That was a new one on me (and I played a LOT of baseball) and it was not going over well until….

I soaked in the fun that the boys were having! Kids have a way of distilling everything into two basics categories – Fun or Boring.

“Dad, I am bored.”

“No, you’re boring. There’s a difference.”

Kids either have fun or are bored. Snow, to my knowledge, has never been boring. So for the kids it has to be fun, right? Only if you are winning 14-5, right?

Actually, the other team seemed to be enjoying the fact that they, too, were playing baseball in the snow. The parents, not so much.

Someday when they are standing on the sidelines, those Boys Turned Men will grouse with the other dads and moms standing next to them about how cold that day is and that they can’t believe those kids are actually playing baseball in it. Stories will be shared about how cold it was for this game and that game.

And then the trump card will be played, “Oh yeah, well one game it was so cold, it actually began to snow! Yup, we kept right on playing! It was a blast! And there was no school the next day! We got like six inches…”

But what can you expect when the team’s name is the Augusta….wait for it….wait for it…Avalanche. Seriously…The Augusta Avalanche.

On the car ride back home, I asked John if he had had fun.

“Yeah! Hey, how close was my hit from going over the fence?”

Kids always see the simple joy, endless possibilities, and fun in everything. Adults seem to get caught in the negatives, the limits, and change.

Baseball, to me, is the perfect game.

Snow is never boring.

But, baseball in the snow?

A great way to start to change through the eyes and laughter of kids.

This week is awesome – YOU are Amazing and it’s only Tuesday!

Thank God for Baseball in the Snow…

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