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Cold Fusion – Gubernatorial Debate Edition

Hey Goober. Hey Andy. The obvious question being posed by everyone to everyone after last night’s Gubernatorial Debate between Democrat Terry McAuliffe and Republican Ken Cuccinelli was – “Who do you think won?” The unobvious answer was and is – it depends on who actually watched, to which parts they paid attention, and will it […]

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Cold Fusion – Robert Sarvis Edition

Robert Sarvis is the Libertarian candidate for Virginia Governor who has qualified for the ballot. Kudos to the Virginia Libertarians for pulling that off! Before I go into how the Sarvis campaign will effect the outcome of the Governor’s race, let me explain how I truly feel about the Libertarian Party. I really like them. […]

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Cold Fusion – Governor’s Race Edition

While there are six weeks until Virginia’s annual election day, the race for Governor will be over in four. The Virginia electorate usually makes up its collective mind around the third week in October and rarely changes its mind. It’s part of the ebb and flow of the calendar in Virginia. Labor Day kicks off […]

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Cold Fusion – 2016 GOP Top Ten Edition *UPDATED*

Cold Fusion – 2016 GOP Top Ten Edition This ranking of the 2016 contenders for the Republican nomination for president of the States United is based on where the candidates stand less than 30 months away from the Iowa Caucuses tentatively scheduled for January 5, 2016. Factors in determining this ranking include – the primary/caucus […]

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Cold Fusion – Politics Ain’t Baseball Edition

Winning championships in baseball requires two things – pitching and defense. The most recent example of this is UCLA’s NCAA Championship win over Mississippi State. In the two games against Mississippi State, UCLA gave up just one run. Which means they only needed three runs to win two games. UCLA managed eleven, but gave up […]

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The Song Remains The Same

Having looked at the recent Republican primary elections, we turn our attention to the party of which I am not a member. I do so with great trepidation as I am constantly educated on its inner workings. My education includes a very interesting conversation with Delegate Mark Sickles over beers and dinner several years ago […]

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It’s Always More Than Just One Thing

A brief follow up to yesterday’s post. Several Berg and LaRock supporters, even LaRock himself, have written to me making the case that HB2313 was, in fact, far more important to their victories than I discussed. Several Berg and LaRock supporters also mentioned their votes against the incumbents Joe May and Bev Sherwood for gun […]

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Want More Votes? Just Listen…

Following the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s Prayer Breakfast, I stayed for their private briefing with pollster Glen Bolger whose firm, Public Opinion Strategies, continues to be one of the best in the business. My father likes to use this saying, “Liars figure, figures don’t lie.” Meaning, there is truth in numbers. And the truth about […]

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Yogi Berra Edition

“The Game Isn’t Over Until It’s Over” – Yogi Berra. Lawrence Peter “Yogi” Berra is considered to be one of the best, if not the best, catchers of all time. He appeared in eighteen All Star Games, won thirteen World Series as a player or coach, and was American League Most Valuable Player three times. […]

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God, Gators, and Government

During the pre-dawn hours on Wednesday morning down here on the bayou off Vacherie Road in Glencoe, Louisiana, a hearty band of hunters set out to do their part in controlling the alligator population. Here’s how it works – the State of Louisiana gives out a certain number of gator tags based on estimated population […]

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