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Cold Fusion – ObamaCare v Thanksgiving Edition

Americans all across this great land are carrying out their holiday travel to gather with their families for the sole purpose of giving thanks. With food. While not a holy day holiday, American Thanksgiving has become (sorry Andy Williams) our Most Wonderful Time of the Year. Why? It’s easy. Check out this horrific list of […]

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The Song Remains The Same

Having looked at the recent Republican primary elections, we turn our attention to the party of which I am not a member. I do so with great trepidation as I am constantly educated on its inner workings. My education includes a very interesting conversation with Delegate Mark Sickles over beers and dinner several years ago […]

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It’s Always More Than Just One Thing

A brief follow up to yesterday’s post. Several Berg and LaRock supporters, even LaRock himself, have written to me making the case that HB2313 was, in fact, far more important to their victories than I discussed. Several Berg and LaRock supporters also mentioned their votes against the incumbents Joe May and Bev Sherwood for gun […]

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Miranda Rights? Seriously?

So the REALLY big question over the weekend was whether or not the surviving Boston bomber (can we say terrorist yet?) was going to be given his Miranda rights. My gut tells me that Dzhokar Tsarnaev is entitled to them. Not because he’s a swell guy or a citizen, but because he has been legally […]

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Tuesdays Get No Respect

Tuesdays are the Rodney Dangerfield of weekdays. It’s easy to understand why – there is just nothing special about them. Sure, it’s election day – maybe two times a year. Other that that, not much to look forward to on the day after Monday and the day before Hump Day. Just a day to get […]

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Monday Success Tip #1

Slow down. NO! I have got all this… Slow down. You don’t understand. I need to… Slow down. If I don’t… Slow down. I won’t… Slow down. Really. We move too fast. Focus. Relax. Slow Down.

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Thankful for Wintry Mix!

Thursday is the day of the week I have slotted for Giving Thanks in an attempt to follow John Wooden’s Seven Principles for Living. Ok, but why Give Thanks for a Wintry Mix? Good question! Glad you asked! Probably because I get to sit by the fire just one more night and I have not […]

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Candor Helps, But How Much Help Do We Need?

Having recently read Jack Welch’s book “Winning”, I have been thinking about the many of Welch’s exceptionally valuable lessons from his many successful years in business. Mr. Welch makes a clear and convincing argument for the importance Candor has in relationships but uses business as his primary example. This begs the question, do successful business […]

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Automobile Brands – Top 25

The Consumer Reports Best and Worst Cars Edition for 2013 is out. Each automobile brand is given an overall score based on the criteria set by the good people at Consumer Reports. The good news is that many American brands are ranked in the Top 25. The bad news is that the #1 American brand […]

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