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Holiday Meal Schedule and Recipes!

This year, in order to create some, well, order to what will become a very long Christmas weekend, I decided to send our family the schedule of meals that I will be preparing. I asked them for some input – mainly how many people (family + friends) will be at each meal so I can […]

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The #1 Summer Internship

One night after work, I was in the home office still grinding away albeit at a slower pace when a male friend of our seventeen year old daughter Nora “Like I’m Totally Not Even Kidding” entered. “Mr. Saxman, can I ask you a question? “Sure, go ahead…” “Do you know of any good summer internships […]

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Dervish Whirling At 16

Nora “Like I’m Totally Not Even Kidding” Saxman turned 16 today. At 6:15am this morning, as she is cutting through the living room to the kitchen for a pre-volleyball practice snack, she announced to me – “I better be getting a super cute post out of you today!” I replied, “Morning, Nora. Happy Birthday!” “Whatever. […]

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Dear Son – Dribble with your head up.

Dear Son, Sorry to have dropped the ball on the Ultimate Tips postings. Seems, among a lot of work and  – stuff, I was dribbling with my head down. Tip #30 “When you walk, look straight ahead, not at your feet.” This tip made me think of you and your brother because as athletes a […]

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Dear Son – Two tips on Money

If I had the ability to change high school curricula, I would scrap the senior year and teach two year long classes – How to Deal With People and How to Deal With Money. The Ultimate Tip List has two tips on money out of 45 and yet money is one of the most often […]

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Dear Son Tips #6 and #8 – Shaving

True to the Extended Adolescent theme of these Ultimate tips, the author(s) have two tips related to shaving, but they are not sequential. In between these is #7 about wearing a well tailored suit. Let’s just deal with shaving then. True story – I was about 16 or 17 when Baka (my dad) was pestering […]

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Dear Son – Ultimate Tip #5 – First Date

Tip #5 – Never take her to the movies on the first date. I’m going to go out on a short limb and agree with a very small caveat. If she really wants to see a great movie that you think you can also enjoy, then make a movie PART of the event but not […]

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Dear Son – Tip #3 – Hitting

Dear Son, The next tip offered in the list of 45 Ultimate tips is “Never hit anyone unless they are an immediate threat” Not a bad tip this one. It reminds me of the Happy Days episode when Richie tells Fonzie that he’s afraid Fonzie will hit him. Fonzie replies, “Richie, have you ever seen […]

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Cold Fusion – Otis! My Man! Saxman Edition

Okay, true story. Seventeen years ago with a curly haired, brown eyed sweet angel of a daughter already patrolling Casa De Saxman who had/has me totally wrapped around her finger, Michele and I (mainly Michele) become pregnant again. We named said two year old Mary Kathryn for family reasons. Mary is Michele’s mom’s first name […]

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Commencement Speeches – Too Little, Too Late

The Season of Graduation is upon us. With it comes the various stories about what famous person gave a speech to the class of this year at some school. Most of the speeches will be quite good, but unheard. That is because they are given at the wrong time of an academic experience – the […]

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