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Where The Wind Comes Sweepin’ Down the Plain

I love Oklahoma. Yesterday’s historic disaster recalled for me why I fell in love with Oklahoma. I love Oklahoma because of the people who are fortunate enough to call it home. I came to know them through my very dear friend, Steve Raupe, and his amazing sister, Karen Hanstein, and our service together on the […]

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Waking Up Teenagers Part 1

Weekends, for the most part, do not require one to wake up teenagers. After all, why ruin a perfectly good weekend morning when you can just keep them down under their own weight? And then… There are Monday mornings during the school year. Sure you can get a good night’s sleep. Wake up refreshed. Brew […]

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Tuesdays Get No Respect

Tuesdays are the Rodney Dangerfield of weekdays. It’s easy to understand why – there is just nothing special about them. Sure, it’s election day – maybe two times a year. Other that that, not much to look forward to on the day after Monday and the day before Hump Day. Just a day to get […]

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Monday Success Tip #1

Slow down. NO! I have got all this… Slow down. You don’t understand. I need to… Slow down. If I don’t… Slow down. I won’t… Slow down. Really. We move too fast. Focus. Relax. Slow Down.

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Cold Fusion – Am I A Democrat? Edition

After I graduated college from Washington and Lee University, I moved to Brooklyn to take a job with Lord and Taylor as an assistant buyer in…wait for it…. Women’s moderate blouses. Yes, this conservative, color blind, fashion ignorant boy from the Valley of Virginia was going to the Big Apple. While some of my classmates, […]

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Thankful for Wintry Mix!

Thursday is the day of the week I have slotted for Giving Thanks in an attempt to follow John Wooden’s Seven Principles for Living. Ok, but why Give Thanks for a Wintry Mix? Good question! Glad you asked! Probably because I get to sit by the fire just one more night and I have not […]

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Candor Helps, But How Much Help Do We Need?

Having recently read Jack Welch’s book “Winning”, I have been thinking about the many of Welch’s exceptionally valuable lessons from his many successful years in business. Mr. Welch makes a clear and convincing argument for the importance Candor has in relationships but uses business as his primary example. This begs the question, do successful business […]

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G.I. Joe: Retaliation – Review

And what do we do with a ten year old boy who is off of school on Easter Monday? Yup – G.I. Joel: Retaliation. What better way to thank our Risen Lord for dying for the world’s (and my) sins than saddling up the young ‘un for some good old fashioned Hollywood juiced up Save […]

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Olympus Has Fallen – Review

For those of you who are wondering are the Critics or the Fans right about Olympus Has Fallen, let me be straight and to the point on this one – They are both right. This is not a brilliant, flawless, and technically accurate movie about Korean terrorists taking over the White House while threatening a […]

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The Story of the Droopy Drawers Bill

Cold Fusion has been on sabbatical due to the brief illness and eventual passing of my mom on January 14th. I started back up writing a few weeks ago and posting on my website’s blog –; however, my Cold Fusion emails were very special to mom. She reviewed every one of them before I […]

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