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Lobbying is an honorable profession

Let’s get one thing straight  – lobbying is an honorable profession. That’s a good thing because just about everyone – including you – has one whether they know it or not.   Every year during the General Assembly session, I participate in former Delegate Kris Amundson’s institute named for the program she developed while a […]

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Iowa Caucus Podcast

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Top 10 Tips for Session

Recently I was asked by a newly elected soon to be member of the General Assembly ten things that a person should do for Session which begins at noon today – January 13th. Maybe this person heard I used to give Top Ten lists on the House floor, then again maybe not. Either way….here we […]

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Now that most of the candidates have finally announced that they are, in fact, “in it to win it” – let’s update the rankings on who is the most likely candidate to actually win it. We are less than ten months away from knowing who will be the Republican nominee for President of the States […]

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GOP POTUS Nomination Power Rankings

Happy Valentine’s Day! Returning to the POTUS Power Rankings now that 2014 mid terms are over. These rankings reflect where I consider each candidate to be relative to the other top contenders in the only category that no one ever wanted to get in high school  – “Most Likely to Succeed.” In the Republican Presidential […]

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Cold Fusion – Pete Carroll Yo Edition

Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll made a good decision when he chose to pass the ball against New England’s goal line defense. On second down. With thirty seconds to go. And one time out left. The Patriots were thinking run. Pete chose pass. Zig versus zag. Like the old line from baseball goes “Hit it […]

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Turn The Page, Grandpa has Pregnancy Coverage.

How fitting. President Obama’s soon to be barely remembered line from Tuesday’s State of the Union (#SOTU) is “turn the page.” Full disclosure – I did not watch the #SOTU address largely because there were so many other available options on cable that same night in which the outcome was not predetermined. Honestly, why watch […]

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Free Pizza and Community College

Last week, our youngest daughter Nora, now 15, approached me and asked if she could have some money for some food. Fifteen feet behind her was our soon to be renovated kitchen which had food that had already been purchased with after tax dollars and delivered to her house free of charge by her parents. […]

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Jailhouse Joe and Mitt 3.0

The morning text from my dear friend, Jack Mitchell of the Murfreesboro Mitchells, began “So, let me get this straight…he (does the wah wah) his 17 year old secretary and he’s a good guy?” The “He” my good friend, fraternity brother, boon traveling companion, Jack Mitchell of the Murfreesboro Mitchells, himself a defense attorney, is […]

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