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Obama No Show, Mitt’s a Go, Buckeyes are VERY #1

Obama No Shows in Paris That President Obama decided not to attend a rally of world leaders in Paris Sunday should not come a shock to anyone who has watched this president over the last six years. He’s aloof, a raging narcissist, and focused on his goals. He is, after all, getting ready for another […]

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Tough Calls

Sports “The Call” – Big controversy out of the NFC semifinal game at Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field – that is until you see Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant not actually catch the ball because, as the video replay clearly shows, the ball hit the aforementioned Tundra. When the ball hits the ground – […]

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Virginia’s Most Accurate Locality

One locality in Virginia is SCARY accurate when it comes to mirroring the outcome of the statewide elections. Consider these results: 2018 – U.S. Senate Tim Kaine v Corey Stewart Locality – Democrat 56.43 Republican 41.01 Third Party 2.38 Virginia – Democrat 57.00 Republican 41.01 Third Party 1.74 2017 Governor Race – Ralph Northam v […]

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Dear Son – Another not so Ultimate Tip

Dear Son, This Ultimate Tip from the kids at comes in at #18 – Never Leave a Pint Unfinished. I’m going to disagree here. Some beers just should not be consumed – if that’s the case tell the bartender that the beer has gone bad, or the taps are not clean, or the glass […]

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Cold Fusion – Politics Post U.S. v McDonnell Edition

Politics in Virginia changed forever after Bob and Maureen McDonnell were found guilty in federal court on September 4th and if you think the changes are all good, I would offer a Jimmy Buffett inspired “slightly different point of view.” Many will default to the wrong conclusion that the verdict will “clean things up” in […]

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Dear Son – Learn how to shake hands – Tips #16 and # 23

Dear Son, A good handshake goes a long way in life. The authors of this list apparently could not combine them into one; however, technology is not that big of an issue to do so. “Give a firm handshake” (16) and always stand to do so (23). The key here is what is a firm […]

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Dear Son – Knocking out some of this list of Ultimate Tips

I can’t stand taking these Ultimate Tips one at a time. Until now, they have been pretty useless. Interestingly, they get better as the list goes on. This means the authors weren’t thinking this through and did not plan it out. Which is a good tip – Think things through and plan ahead. You will […]

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Dear Son – FINALLY a tip you can use!

#9 – Always look a person in the eye when you talk to them. Boom. Always. Here’s the problem – this is not easy to do. It requires practice. You have to be consciously aware of your place in a conversation. Since people are so interesting, ask questions about them and really listen. Women are […]

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Dear Son – Tip #7 Looking Like a Badass

Son, I have labored not to find the author of this list and ask him what tortured existence leads him to believe this tip – “Nothing looks more badass than a well-tailored suit.” Nothing? Really? How about jumping out of a C130 with the rest of your SEAL team? That would do it. What is […]

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Dear Son – Tip #4 – Wearing Hats

How the author/authors of this list go from pursuit of women, to sex, to hitting someone, to wearing hats is hard to follow. This tip “Every hat should serve a purpose” is okay, not great. Most hats are worn as a cover for delayed grooming. Bed head. Still, hats are a part of most wardrobes. […]

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