Dear Son – Another not so Ultimate Tip

Dear Son,

This Ultimate Tip from the kids at comes in at #18 – Never Leave a Pint Unfinished.

I’m going to disagree here.

Some beers just should not be consumed – if that’s the case tell the bartender that the beer has gone bad, or the taps are not clean, or the glass was not clean, or if you are served one of those Gawd Awful citrus heavy IPAs that taste like grapefruits –

One rule that should be observed  – throw it out before you throw it up!

Unless, of course, you like Gawd Awful beer. Then quoting the pastor from Blazing Saddles, “Son, you’re on your own.”

There are a lot of beers in the world and getting to know them is a lot of fun.

Please enjoy them legally and in moderation.

I certainly have my favorites but the range is broad.

Some are better on scorching hot days. Others work well at the ball park with a brat or a burger.

Some beers are better at room temperature while some are better suited to enjoy.

With the growing list of craft beers available, beer is much more complex and interesting that back in the six pack days of Bud, Old Milwaukee, Carling, and Schlitz.

You should not feel compelled to or bullied into finishing a pint. You should

1) be able to

2) want to and

3) have no regrets if you do.

One last thing on this round on rounds – if a bartender in the French Quarter in New Orleans suggests you be careful with Abita Springs Triple Haze – he’s the informed one, you are the uninformed.

Learn from my mistakes. That Triple Haze was one of the best beers I have ever had – perfect pairing with the  oysters, calamari, and the heat of New Orleans.

I erred in my calculations on volume and overall impact.

Triple Haze 1. Dad 0.

But I’ll be back!









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