Dear Son – Tip #7 Looking Like a Badass


I have labored not to find the author of this list and ask him what tortured existence leads him to believe this tip – “Nothing looks more badass than a well-tailored suit.”



How about jumping out of a C130 with the rest of your SEAL team? That would do it.

What is this whole notion of even trying to look like a badass?

Granted some suits look better than others and investing in a tailored suit is wise; however, have you looked at suits these days?

Most of the clowns who wear suits these days are so self involved they actually go to the latest fashion magazine for advice.

The most recent trend is the skinny jean version of a suit. This ranks right up there with the previous trend of a three button suit jacket. Both are nauseating.

When it comes to buying, and wearing, a suit there is one massively important rule.

Do not follow trends. Stick with the classics. Period.

Plan on a well built, tailored suit lasting a decade. It might not last a decade, but look at the purchase as a long term investment.

Same with accessories – shoes, shirts, ties, belts, etc.

You can get out on the edge with some tie/shirt/suit pattern and color combination, but again – stick with classic looks and lines.

Oh and for some strange reason tie clips are appearing in suit advertisements.

Never wear a tie clip. Because you will look like a guy wearing a tie clip.

And don’t wear a suit in order to look like a badass.

Your mother’s a badass and never wears a suit.

It’s what’s inside the suit that truly matters.

Don’t try to be a badass – be you.



Chris Saxman

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Father of four, small business leader, retired politician, and Executive Committee member and former Chairman of an international trade association, Chris Saxman delivers strategy and insight as a political coach and keynote speaker. Contact Chris.

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