Dear Son Tips #6 and #8 – Shaving

True to the Extended Adolescent theme of these Ultimate tips, the author(s) have two tips related to shaving, but they are not sequential.

In between these is #7 about wearing a well tailored suit.

Let’s just deal with shaving then.

True story – I was about 16 or 17 when Baka (my dad) was pestering me to no end about shaving because Momo and Baka were having a very large Super Bowl party and I needed to “get cleaned up a bit” before the guests arrived.

Well, it really hacked me off and Baka kept pushing me to shave. Finally, I relented with a solid, “FINE!” I then proceeded to damn near slice my head off – must have been a dozen nicks and cuts. Blood everywhere.

Which was great because this timed well with the arrival of our first guest Mayor Kivlighan who offered to call the Rescue Squad. I asked for an electric razor for Christmas later that year.

I got the electric razor, used it twice, went back to shaving the traditional way with the right equipment, pace, and without anger.

Son, don’t shave angry.

Here we go.

#6 – “Learn to wet shave”

#8 – “Shave with grain on the first go-around”

I had to Google “wet shaving” because I have always referred to shaving as “shaving.”

It turns out that my definition of shaving and “wet shaving” are the same.

More important to type of shaving and direction of razor is the need to shave with consistency. By this, I mean when your facial hair is visible. You can take a few days off on vacations or the slow, relaxing weekend, but do the world, and yourself, a favor and shave. Every day.

Scruffy and scraggily is cute but for so long and when a man reaches a certain age it’s just time to shave on a daily basis. You can sell yourself on the fact that having facial hair makes you look older; however, if your facial hair is not groomed properly you look slovenly and immature.

There is a recent trend to have beards and longer hair and there is nothing wrong with that. Especially if you are not a member of this family. If you do find yourself wanting to grow a beard or mustache, then grow a beard or a mustache. Trim facial hair so that it looks like you have paid attention to the way you look.

One should not obsess about the way one looks, but one should have a minimum standard of concern.

Why you ask?

Because you are worth it. There is nothing wrong with looking clean, professional, and intelligent. Shaving on a daily basis gets you there.

Use hot water to soften your beard. Buy good shaving cream and quality razors – you don’t have to go overboard here, but don’t skimp. If you travel and forget shaving cream use soap and hot water. They work surprisingly well.

Take your time shaving. Quick = cuts. And for goodness sakes do NOT shave angry. See story above.

Start with the sides of your face and work to the middle/chin area. That gives your shaving cream more time to soften the more dangerous areas located around the mouth. Take your time here. Slow down. Most cuts occur around the mouth and chin areas.

Go with grain – usually down – on the first go around and then lightly against the grain to get extra smooth skin.

Shave daily. Take your time. Use hot water, good cream, and sharp razor blades.

The BEST shaves occur if you can get a super hot wet cloth on your face for about 30 seconds prior to applying shaving cream. That really loosens up the beard and makes for a great shave.



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