Dear Son – Two tips on Money

If I had the ability to change high school curricula, I would scrap the senior year and teach two year long classes – How to Deal With People and How to Deal With Money.

The Ultimate Tip List has two tips on money out of 45 and yet money is one of the most often mentioned topics in the Bible.

In fact, Dave Ramsey – financial guru to many – says that money is mentioned over 800 times in the Bible.

Money is important. And here are two tips.

#13 – A small amount of your paycheck should go directly to your savings account every month.

#24 – Never lend anything you can’t afford to lose.

Most payroll systems can automatically deduct, before taxes, money you have earned and deposit that money in a savings account or mutual fund. You should push as much money as you can using this method.

You will never see it and it will automatically accumulate over time as earnings and interest pile up. Do this as early as you can in life. The money really adds up over time.

Lending something of value to anyone is always a tricky bet especially if you lend money.

If you lend a friend money, be prepared to lose both the money and the friendship.

There is a LOT more to discuss regarding money – but this is not a bad start.

Save something from every paycheck and be wise if you lend your earnings to someone else.

And yes – I meant to say “your earnings” instead of money.  I want you to remember that your money has been earned by you. You should respect yourself enough to consciously be aware that your money is a reflection of your hard work.

If you take the fruit of that labor and give it to someone else – that’s your choice. But it is you labor that you have reproduce to earn back what you lost.

Money is not just money. It’s a result but not an end.









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