Friday Friends in Politics

Legendary basketball coach John Wooden had seven principles by which he led his life.

They were given to him by his father, Joshua Wooden.

One of them is Make Friendship a Fine Art.

This Friday, I will try to deepen and strengthen my friendships by calling several friends in order that I may be a better friend to them.

We often overlook those people who help us at our core – our close friends and family members. It’s easy to do and I certainly can improve this area of my life.

So many of our political leaders spend most of their time seeking conflict with others that they pass by friendships that could enhance, invigorate, and enrich their lives. If they focused on that which they agreed, imagine what could be accomplished.

The first step is simply seeing the other person as having completely different life experiences and being amazed that they turned out as well as they did!

Truly appreciating someone is a great first step to great friendships.

Here’s hoping that Senators John McCain, Rand Paul, Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz develop strong friendships with each other. If they all work together, they can accomplish many things.

The Obama Administration has not been forthcoming on Benghazi AND Drone policy.

Working together, imagine what the conversation could be this Friday.

Friendship in Politics. Something to work on.

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