G.I. Joe: Retaliation – Review

And what do we do with a ten year old boy who is off of school on Easter Monday?

Yup – G.I. Joel: Retaliation. What better way to thank our Risen Lord for dying for the world’s (and my) sins than saddling up the young ‘un for some good old fashioned Hollywood juiced up Save the World from Us? Sure…

We opted for the matinee sans 3-D goggles and what do you know? We’re the only two customers for the 1:30 at the Staunton Visulite! Boo YAH.

This movie is just plain fun. High action, some humor, military tech stuff, and NINJAs!

Naturally there is a plot by THE Bad Guy and THE Bad Guys bad people, but there plenty of Good Guys and it is game on!

Like most Super Hero action movies, this has plenty of special effects, the latest weapons, and good old fashioned hand to hand combat. And NINJAs! NINJAS fighting on the side of mountains!

You just got to love some martial arts thrown in with all the technology.

Where G.I Joe deviates from the Marvel Comics Avengers is the lack of Super in their heroes. It makes them more human which adds to some of the drama. The Joes can, and do, die whereas the Avengers don’t.

Note – They showed the trailer for Ironman 3. Wicked cool. Leave the calendar open for that one. May 3rd. (I think)

Just saying…

G.I. Joe: Retaliation. Fun fun fun.

So much so, we got home and tried to find the first one in the G.I. Joe series – Rise of the Cobra.

Time to go shopping for that one.

Better go soon…after all of that excitement, I need a nap or NINJA training!


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