“I Just Have to Let Them Fight?” “Yup..”

On a recent family vacation to Williamsburg, the six of us boarded in a hotel with two Queen sized beds and a pull out.

Not a problem (the sales pitch to the kids went) since we were going to be at Busch Gardens and Water Country USA all day. No sense paying for something we won’t really use, right? Wake up, brush teeth, get dressed and off we go. Easy peasy, right?

For the most part it went well. In fact, you could say it was the best our family has ever gotten along on a trip together. Why? Well, we all had the chance to set our goals for the trip so that everyone in the family was aware of each other’s needs and wants ahead of time. And it worked! We all got to do what we wanted to do and we all got along. For the most part…

What we did not cover in our pre-trip planning was that the boys, then fifteen (William) and eight (John), were going to take the mattress out of the pull out and go all Mixed Martial Arts on each other.

Now, that’s not a real big issue when the boys and their friends are holed up in The Bunker Room in the basement, but in a hotel room with four other people the physicality of the boys was, well, a dominant social reality.

And Momma Bear was displeased. Especially since her youngest cub, who to this day would crawl back in if he could, was at a serious disadvantage to his much older brother.

Momma Bear – “He’s hurting John.”

Napping Bear – “Not really.”

Momma Bear – “Look! John shouldn’t bend like that!”

Napping Bear – “John, you okay?”

John – grunting trying to loose himself, “yeah…”

Napping Bear – “See?”

Momma Bear – “So, I just have to let them fight?”

Napping Bear – “Yup.”

Momma Bear – “I don’t like it. I don’t like fighting.”

Napping Bear – “I know, it’s just what we do.”

Momma Bear – “What, fight?”

Napping Bear – “Yeah. Besides, John’s really good at it. He’s tough and William won’t hurt him on purpose.”

Momma Bear – “But what if he really does get hurt?”

Napping Bear – “Then he’ll learn not to do what he did to get hurt.”

Momma Bear – “If they didn’t fight, John would not get hurt.”

Napping Bear – “Then he wouldn’t learn. Look, it’s just what boys do. Girls talk and boys fight.”

Momma Bear – “So, I am supposed to just let them fight?”

Napping Bear -“If you want grandkids, yeah. You don’t have to like it, but boys need to get their energy out.”

Momma Bear – “What does this have to do with having grandkids?”

Napping Bear – “Boys gotta be boys and girls are going to be girls, right? Let them. We’re not that wild about talking all the time. But y’all are good at it.”

By this point, John, the eight year old, has his older brother in a scissored head lock trying to dislodge William’s head from his shoulders.

Momma Bear – “SEE?!”

Napping Bear – “Awesome..Good job, Son!”

William – “Nice move, John…”

John – “Heh…”

Thanksgiving Thursday – Pray for Guidance and Counsel, and Give Thanks for Your Blessings Each Day.

Thank God for Boys, may they receive Guidance and Counsel and continue the species.

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