It’s Always More Than Just One Thing

A brief follow up to yesterday’s post.

Several Berg and LaRock supporters, even LaRock himself, have written to me making the case that HB2313 was, in fact, far more important to their victories than I discussed.

Several Berg and LaRock supporters also mentioned their votes against the incumbents Joe May and Bev Sherwood for gun votes, Lyme’s Disease votes, and also length of service – been there too long as reasons to vote against them.

Again, the post was primarily meant for incumbents to always recruit to their organization in order to withstand challenges from any direction.

But as a gentle warning to the Berg and LaRock campaigns – and I do wish you well – the election had better not be only about HB2313 or you will lose. Probably not Berg, but LaRock is definitely a Lean Republican and might move to Toss Up if the sole focus is on 2313.

If the response to that challenge is “Of course we intend on discussing other issues” then I rest my case.

In the district for which Dave LaRock fought for and won the nomination of the Republican Party, President Barack Obama won over 18,000 votes – not including the Absentee votes for Loudoun of which Obama won 11,543.

I will be breaking down, with much trepidation, the Democratic primary battles in my next post.

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