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One evening, back in the fall of 2008, the campaign manager for US Congressional candidate, Keith Fimian, called me and asked me a favor. Here’s how the conversation went.

“Delegate Saxman, Keith wanted me to call you and ask if you could send him a copy of your speech,” to which I replied, “What speech?”

“The one from today. Could you send it to us? Just email it on over.”

“Sorry, but I can’t…”

I was quickly cut off: “But Keith really liked it and would want to use it when he gives his talks.”

“Look, I’d love to help him but I don’t have anything to send.”

Long pause followed by ,“You mean, that wasn’t written down?”

“Sorry, Zach.”

“No, that’s okay. Can you send me your notes, then?”

“I didn’t use any. Sorry.”

“No, that’s okay. Keith just really liked it and was hoping that you could send it over. Well, anyway –it was a great speech.”

Small talk ended the conversation pretty soon thereafter, but it has always stood out to me as I try to understand what people see when I give a speech or a talk.

I don’t see what they see.

The speech Zach is referring to was in front of 11,000 people just before Senator and GOP Presidential nominee John McCain came on stage. My job was to warm the crowd up. Apparently I was successful.

People who have seen me speak say pretty much the same things about my speeches  – they’re funny, they’re to the point, they’re engaging, and they’re from the heart.

That’s why using notes and power points and scripts and teleprompters just doesn’t work for me.  It simply gets in the way of connecting with the audience.

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Chris Saxman is a celebrated keynote speaker whose relevant, innovative, and humorous presentations educate and entertain audiences across the country ranging from high-powered politicians to business leaders to college students. Chris offers your group:

  • Firsthand insights on both the business and political worlds
  • Proven tactics and strategies for improved campaign and market performance
  • Real world leadership and management advice that drives straight to the point
  • A funny, down-to-earth presence and authentic audience engagement
  • Cutting edge, never-before-seen presentations tailored to your group or organization

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