Olympus Has Fallen – Review

For those of you who are wondering are the Critics or the Fans right about Olympus Has Fallen, let me be straight and to the point on this one – They are both right.

This is not a brilliant, flawless, and technically accurate movie about Korean terrorists taking over the White House while threatening a nuclear holocaust.

But it’s great fun.

It’s fun because the plot, to the audience, is plausible and exciting. Sure, the special effects are a little lazy and obviously green screened, but that is overcome with rapid scene changes and, well, lots of dead guys. Especially lots of dead BAD guys.

Have to warn you though…some of the good guys and gals buy the farm in this one.

The one thing I liked about this movie is that it makes you mad. Typically, one does not get honked off at a political shoot em up. Air Force One with Harrison Ford is an awesome movie but Olympus Has Fallen reaches an emotional nerve because the White House is assaulted. Unlike Independence Day when aliens blow up the White House, this time it is attacked with viciousness and hatred for what it is and for what it stands.

That nerve has never been so agitated in film as it is in Olympus Has Fallen.

Blessedly, the audience is given only one Hollywood pleasing anti-political rant on the corruption of campaign finance and globalization. It was brief and didn’t fit the moment well so…no harm no foul.

As always, Morgan Freeman is awesome but in Olympus Has Fallen he reached a new level. Not in the acting category, but rather the “Thank God! The Speaker of the House is Not Nancy Pelosi” category. WHEW! It’s Morgan Freeman and Not Nancy Pelosi.

With the President and Vice President unable to carry out their duties, the line of succession does, and did in Olympus Has Fallen, fall to the third in line – the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

This is so scary of a realization given the plausibility for the audience of the plot line. The audience is swept up in the never been done before plot line (done rather well) and then all of a sudden – Morgan Freeman is in charge. Which is great because he has a great presence and stature anyway; however, the relief is magnified since it burns deep in the conscience of the audience – Nancy Pelosi was *THAT* close to being in charge.

Olympus Has Fallen is an action packed thrill ride. Not a great movie, but one definitely worth seeing on the Big Screen.

Critics and Fans are right. But since I am just a fan – I liked it. 8 out of 10 stars for this guy.

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