Client Testimonials

Chris Saxman offers invaluable guidance and expertise as a campaign coach and mentor. His extensive political experience and wealth of knowledge along with a detailed command of the issues is extremely beneficial to political campaigns at any level. In addition to political strategy, Chris focuses on maintaining strong family relationships when the hectic nature of politics and campaigning tend to take their toll. Anyone interested in politics from a local municipal election to a national Senate race would be wise to consult Chris for his advice.

Bob Ferguson

I just wanted to send a note to say that it was good seeing you and to thank you for your card. I finally turned it over and read the words of Joshua Wooden. I taped it to my office wall. It reminds me how to be my best self, and it reminds me of the good person you are. One of the things I always admired about you when you served is your ability to rise above the pettiness that too often pervades our politics, your ability to be true to your beliefs and principles AND be nice at the same time. So, thank you for the card, and thank you for your contributions to our larger community.

Hap Connors, Former Member of the Spotsylvania Board of Supervisors

With a commanding mix of charisma and energy, Chris Saxman engages audiences like very few–and delivers his message with a unique blend of humor and intelligence. Be it before a boardroom of ten or presidential rally of ten thousand, Chris has always left them wanting more.

Trey Walker, Regional Campaign Manager, McCain for President

If you want an informative, entertaining presentation on politics you should have Chris Saxman speak to your group. Chris’ experience in politics gives him a unique perspective about the work that is done at the General Assembly and in Washington.

Randall Sherrod, Jr., Dpt. of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services

Chris Saxman is an engaging speaker because he effectively communicates solutions to the issues facing our communities.  When he finishes a presentation, the audience has a clear vision of where their communities would be if the ideas Chris is promoting are enacted.  This is why Chris has been a successful legislator and small business owner.

David Avella, Executive Director, GOPAC

Few people possess Chris Saxman’s political knowledge and relationships in Washington and the state of Virginia. If you want to win on issues then he should be part of your team.

Albert Eckel, Partner and Co-Founder, Eckel & Vaughan

Chris Saxman is a savvy political veteran and education reform champion who works complex issues with exceptional skill.  I was proud to work with Chris for 18 months on a recent engagement, during which he routinely delivered outstanding results for our team.  He is a rare combination of integrity, impressive work ethic, and business and political acumen, well liked and respected by all who are fortunate enough to work with him.

David Schmidt, Connections Education

Chris, your presentation to the Fort Harrison Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution on the 10th of September was insightful, superbly delivered and one that truly made all there, no matter of what political persuasion, stop and look back upon the founding of our nation and see that what we now face has been faced before to one degree or another. History does truly repeat itself and each of us needs to realize this and learn from the ideals and the mistakes of our forefathers. Our Chapter could not have had a better program. I have heard nothing but “rave reviews” from those present.

Kirk Heap, Sons of the American Revolution

Chris Saxman is an innovative and creative speaker.  He is able to keep the attention of any type of audience, no matter the diversity.

Ruth Wallen, Mary Baldwin College

Chris Saxman is an inspiring public speaker for Republicans.  Chris is very entertaining but makes sure he gets the point across!  He uses real life situations to help people understand his point of view.  I really enjoyed listening to him.

Santana Strickler, Mary Baldwin College

As a young Republican it can be difficult to relate to a seemingly older party.  But Republican Saxman is energetic and motivational.  He engaged a younger audience and had us laughing the entire time!  It was great to see such a “hip” Republican!

Elisabeth Maddrell, Mary Baldwin College