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GPS. Global Positioning System.

Great little invention, that one. Simply plug in where you want to go and this little box and/or screen tells you how to get there. Some even tell you where to find the next Rest Area or McDonald’s. We’ve come a long way from just an AM Radio and Roll Down Window “Air Conditioning.”

Pretty much every new car has this feature, right? Well, the first time I used my GPS two things happened–I got lost and I had an argument with the GPS voice lady.

In spite of all the data I gave the computer, my internal hard drive said the computer was wrong and I knew how to get to my destination.

A lot of times in life, we ask for directions, we take them, and it works out. Other times, we ask for help and we refuse it relying on instinct and our own knowledge. Still, other times, we use information as well as the counsel of others to make sure we have considered all the variables of an important decision.

Good leaders always seek the counsel of others. Sometimes it can be your “average guy on the street” or it can be someone with a highly specific set of skills.

My experiences, network, and strengths give me a unique view of the business and political worlds.

Navigating these two powerful worlds while you are simply trying to go from Point A to Point B can be quite scary. Maddening, even.

If you are unsure of the right route to take, ask for directions.

If you want to get to your destination faster, ask me.

More on Political Coaching with Chris Saxman

Chris Saxman blends his political and business expertise to provide insightful, cutting edge, strategic consulting services for your company or campaign. Some of Chris’ specialties include:

  • Candidate training and enhancement strategies
  • Message development and tactical implementation
  • Opposition and issues research
  • Fundraising plans and donor relations
  • Business development and corporate excellence
  • Tailor-made workshops and seminars

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