Somebody’s Got a Case of the Snow Mondays

And it ain’t me. Just saying…

Seriously, why are Mondays so awful? Are they the beginning of the work week or the end of the weekend?

C) Both A and B.

They don’t have to all that dreadful, do they? Why not start the week off with a “If there is one day’s beehind that I am going to kick – it’s going to be Monday’s!”?

And then line up and hit that Monday right smack in the teeth and let the Man count to ten.

How would that process begin?

Maybe watch an inspirational movie Sunday night like Rudy or Shawshank Redemption or maybe Rocky.


Don’t watch Terms of Endearment, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, or Platoon. (They’re all related)

Get pumped up. Blast a theme song. Do you have a theme song? You could have several depending upon the mood. You might have some favorite songs, but are they your theme song? Just because Virginia Tech has “Enter Sandman” doesn’t mean you can’t. The live version from the S&M CD is the best.

Oh and don’t tell me that I haven’t renamed that song “Enter Saxman.” Yes. I. Have.

Don’t pick Nadia’s Theme. Unless of course you are Nadia Comaneci. (In which case – Hi, Nadia! Thanks for reading my post!)

After your inspirational movie(s) and/or song(s), knock out a massive to do list for that Monday morning, and then set your alarm for 30 minutes early because you are going to rip out Monday’s throat.

You won’t be able to wait. You’ll go to bed early because you are so fired up.

Heck, you might even call a friend tomorrow and simply say, “Hey…know what? I’m going to kick tomorrow’s ass!” and then hang up with your friend staring blankly into the phone muttering..oookaaay….

Game ON!

What the hell… Monday’s just another day, right? How bad can it be? With all that you have going for you, how in the world can the beginning of the best day of your next week of living actually be?

I know a lot of folks who’d trade places with you and me right now for a chance at this day and all that it has! Not to mention every single tomorrow we have.

Snow? Monday? HA!

Kids home from school? (Ok, that’s pretty serious…) NO! It’s not! It’s called the weekend! Let’s go! You call THIS a snow storm? The power is STILL ON!

Snow storm…tish tosh…this is nothing. Already been to the store and back.

Like my Grandpa Brown always said, “No such thing as a bad day, if you wake up.”

Well, did ya?

If you haven’t – WAKE UP. Life is good, God is great, and this is an awesome day!

I feel sorry for tomorrow already.

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