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The Song Remains The Same

Having looked at the recent Republican primary elections, we turn our attention to the party of which I am not a member. I do so with great trepidation as I am constantly educated on its inner workings. My education includes a very interesting conversation with Delegate Mark Sickles over beers and dinner several years ago […]

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God, Gators, and Government

During the pre-dawn hours on Wednesday morning down here on the bayou off Vacherie Road in Glencoe, Louisiana, a hearty band of hunters set out to do their part in controlling the alligator population. Here’s how it works – the State of Louisiana gives out a certain number of gator tags based on estimated population […]

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Dad, Can I Have A Car?

The “Like I’m Not Even Kidding” twelve year old female has recently grown to the point at which her nineteen year old sister refers to her as The Amazon. It must be difficult being six years older than your younger sister and looking up to her. I would contend that it is not nearly as […]

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The Hills Are Alive

America is poised to enter a very new stage of her history – she is about to choose, for the first time, between candidates for president from both major political parties who call the suburbs their home. No more will Americans be choosing between candidates who grew up poor on the hardscrabble streets of Crossroads, […]

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Dude? Was That You?

On a crowded elevator turn to the friend next to you and say “Dude! Really? On an elevator? Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to apologize for my friend. I want to assure you that I will be having a man to man conversation about his behavior. Oh man, this is just awful! It’s not […]

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State of the Union

Wednesday afternoon I sat down in the recently renovated and undecorated customer lounge at Charlie Obaugh’s Buick/GMC dealership to read President Obama’s State of The Union address. This was necessitated by the fact that the twelve year blocked my attempt to do so on the way home from a basketball game the night previous. Rather […]

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Saint the Cowboy

Dateline – All Saints Day 2000 Anno Domini. A five year old Catholic schoolboy walked on stage, like the rest of the entire school had to do, to announce which saint he had dressed up to be that day. See, this school reversed the Halloween thing and tried to celebrate saints instead of mass murderers, […]

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Like I’m Not Even Kidding

Picking up one’s twelve year old daughter from school is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get. h/t Forrest Gump. And then she opens the door thus beginning the conversation – “My coach hates me…” “What’s for dinner?” “I need some deodorant, I totally reek…” Hi Sweetie. How […]

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Dad, What’s Jazz?

Heading down a quiet yet active street that passes aging, solidly built middle class homes, the youngest member of the clan, dressed in his football practice uniform, asked, “Dad, what’s jazz?” He had seen the display on the XM Radio of a channel that had the word JAZZ on it and asked a simple question […]

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What Can We Learn from Eminem?

So the big debtbacle is finally over. You wish. This is just the start. This is the new normal. Everything from here on out will be negotiated until the final hours. That is until we set the debt and fiscal trajectory on a better path and for a period of time up to the final […]

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