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Tuesdays Get No Respect

Tuesdays are the Rodney Dangerfield of weekdays. It’s easy to understand why – there is just nothing special about them. Sure, it’s election day – maybe two times a year. Other that that, not much to look forward to on the day after Monday and the day before Hump Day. Just a day to get […]

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Thankful for Wintry Mix!

Thursday is the day of the week I have slotted for Giving Thanks in an attempt to follow John Wooden’s Seven Principles for Living. Ok, but why Give Thanks for a Wintry Mix? Good question! Glad you asked! Probably because I get to sit by the fire just one more night and I have not […]

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Baseball in the Snow

Sunday afternoon, John’s U10 baseball team won their six team tournament with a convincing 14-5 victory. John hit the ball well with a line out to left field his first time up which was followed by a double over the head of the center fielder. It’s awesome to watch kids play baseball, but I have […]

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It’s Selfish Not to Let People Help

True story coming at you here…No charge….Just another day in the life here at Casa De Saxman. Just about every afternoon, I like to take a nap. Normally, it is a ten to fifteen minute power nap that simply reboots the hard drive. Occasionally, that reboot can take up to an hour. Monday was about […]

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CPAC Saturday

After spending yesterday at CPAC, I will be in Covington ALL day watching and cheering on the Mighty and Undefeated Augusta Avalanche run roughshod over its competition in today’s U10 baseball megathon. ESPNU10 has the coverage. Ok. They’re undefeated because this is the first tournament of the season. But, I am pretty psyched that baseball […]

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Making Friends Across the Aisle

Friday – Make Friendship a Fine Art One of the things in politics that always made me just shake my head (while hearing in my head the Robot from the TV show Lost In Space – “This. Does. Not. Compute”) was when people within my political party would ask me what was I doing hanging […]

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Yes, it’s Thursday. And Thank God for it. Erase the whole TGIF thing and back it up a day to Thursday. TGIT. What better day exists to follow Coach Wooden’s principle of “Pray for Guidance and Counsel, and Give Thanks for Your Blessings Each Day” than Thursday? Thanksgiving falls on a Thursday, so designating Thursday […]

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It’s Wednesday, Help Others

Wednesday has always been the day in the middle of the week that, once over, signaled the beginning of the end of the week. As if life gets easier on Thursday. Right. And since Friday has been relegated to Transition to Weekend Day, it seems that the week is basically four work days, not five. […]

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Be True To Yourself Tuesday

You can’t put in what God left out, but you need to know what God put in. Coach John Wooden taught those around him, as he was taught by his father, to Be True To Yourself. In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Polonius tells his son Laertes “to thine own self be true”. Okay, but what does that […]

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Brick House Saturday

Since Joshua Wooden gave his son, John, seven principles for living well, naturally they line up with the seven days of the week. So, I lined them up with each day of the week largely based on the words within each principle and the day based upon the day’s meaning or just the way it […]

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