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Waking Up Teenagers Part 1

Weekends, for the most part, do not require one to wake up teenagers. After all, why ruin a perfectly good weekend morning when you can just keep them down under their own weight? And then… There are Monday mornings during the school year. Sure you can get a good night’s sleep. Wake up refreshed. Brew […]

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Candor Helps, But How Much Help Do We Need?

Having recently read Jack Welch’s book “Winning”, I have been thinking about the many of Welch’s exceptionally valuable lessons from his many successful years in business. Mr. Welch makes a clear and convincing argument for the importance Candor has in relationships but uses business as his primary example. This begs the question, do successful business […]

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“As Long As He’s Conservative, Catholic, and a Steelers Fan…”

Limiting choices for our children seems to always produce favorable results. For instance, when we say “Hey…what do y’all want for dinner?”, you would think we just asked Congress to pass a bill. Every culinary memory pours out of their heads and the impromptu subcommittee devolves into a Quiet Man donnybrook. However, when we offer, […]

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“I Just Have to Let Them Fight?” “Yup..”

On a recent family vacation to Williamsburg, the six of us boarded in a hotel with two Queen sized beds and a pull out. Not a problem (the sales pitch to the kids went) since we were going to be at Busch Gardens and Water Country USA all day. No sense paying for something we […]

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It’s Selfish Not to Let People Help

True story coming at you here…No charge….Just another day in the life here at Casa De Saxman. Just about every afternoon, I like to take a nap. Normally, it is a ten to fifteen minute power nap that simply reboots the hard drive. Occasionally, that reboot can take up to an hour. Monday was about […]

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Great Day – Delayed Two Hours…

It’s not that I mind having school start two hours late, it’s that they don’t keep the kids until FIVE that grates my cheese. Seriously now. The Trophy Generation will grow up actually thinking that less than an inch of snow means their work week starts two hours late. What the heck, the President of […]

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