Thankful for Wintry Mix!

Thursday is the day of the week I have slotted for Giving Thanks in an attempt to follow John Wooden’s Seven Principles for Living.

Ok, but why Give Thanks for a Wintry Mix?

Good question! Glad you asked!

Probably because I get to sit by the fire just one more night and I have not taken the time to really Give Thanks for those this year. Not that I didn’t enjoy building them, feeding them, and napping in front of them.

I just never really took the time to just pause and be grateful for them. The sight, the smell, and the warmth given off by a nice oak burning log fire is restful.

I am grateful to stop the world, even just for a few hours and rest.

So, let it snow…let it sleet…let it wintry mix for all I care.

Grateful and Giving Thanks for the Wintry Mix!

We can’t change the weather, only play by its rules.

Wintry Mix rule – Stay inside and build a fire.

Besides, the kids are already on Spring Break – they were sleeping in anyway.

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