What Is Political Coaching?

When I ventured out into the world of Political Coaching, I was struck by the various reactions to the term – political coaching.

Some said, “Cool” or “I like this on your business card – Head Coach” and naturally others said “Well, what is that?” or worse – nothing.

Thinking back to the original concept, political coaching is simply helping people with their political skills, knowledge, or applications.

It does not make me an all knowing guru. Hardly.

What is does is set the framework for the relationship and ultimately that the client is willing to be coached. Not told. Taught. Most of teaching is igniting the dormant passion of learning. Once lit, get out of the way.

Who needs political coaching?

Anyone or anything that is impacted by the political world and would like to maximize themselves within it.

With any coaching, the goal is set by the player and the coach – but mainly the player. Example – it’s one thing to learn how to play golf and hopefully break 100. It’s quite another to shoot under 80. But guess what? Even the best golfers in the world meet daily with their coaches. Same goes for most, if not all, professional athletes.

Why don’t politicians meet daily with coaches?

Some do. And here’s where coaches are different than consultants, especially with politics.

It’s about personal investment in the total well being of the client. Coaching connects head and heart to performance. Coaching looks at the before, the now, and the after.

Coaching is leading a client through their own application of the basics, set in the every changing, every demanding world of the politics, and achieving their dream results. And that begins with the simple question:

What do you want out of politics? What would be the most awesome thing EVER in your time in politics?

Contact me today and let’s get you there. Now.